A Guide to Cooking Frozen Hot Dogs in an Air Fryer

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Hot dogs are a snack-time classic and prep-friendly meal you can make for yourself and your loved ones on a busy day! Cooking frozen hot dogs in an air fryer is convenient. A quality air fryer can help do most of the work for you while you gather your other ingredients in the kitchen. 

With an air fryer, you can cook and heat different meals to a crisp in a short amount of time. This article aims to guide you around cooking classic frozen hot dogs in an air fryer! 

Can you air fry frozen hot dogs?

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Definitely! You can cook all sorts of frozen food with an air fryer effectively. It doesn’t take much to fry them. But you should know how to properly prep them and prepare your air fryer to avoid burning food or having uncooked hot dogs if you want them fried to perfection.

Why this method works

Cooking frozen hot dogs in an air fryer will fry them evenly. Unlike a microwave that causes hot spots due to uneven hot spots in the food if not cooked properly, an air fryer can rotate hot air around the food to cook it thoroughly and quickly. An air fryer also cooks food faster than a stovetop, instant pot, and oven.

Air-fried hot dogs are like grilled hot dogs but cook faster and more efficiently!

How long does it take to cook hot dogs in an air fryer?

You only need no more than 10 minutes from prepping to cooking! Frying hot dogs with an air fryer do not take much time. It depends on how cooked you want your hot dogs, your air fryer’s brand, and how pre-heated it is.

Here’s a quick summary of how long each process can take! 

Preparing hot dogs: 5 minutes

Pre-heating the air fryer: 2 to 3 minutes for small air fryers, 5 minutes for big air fryers, said Everyday Family Cooking.

Cooking: 5 minutes

How to cook frozen hot dogs in an air fryer?

It doesn’t take much to cook frozen hotdogs in an air fryer! You can have fresh and crispy hot dogs ready in 10 minutes by following this simple recipe by Everyday Family Cooking.

Types of hot dogs to use:

You can use any frozen hotdog as long as it fits your air fryer. Making air fryer hot dogs is a practical recipe that won’t require complicated ingredients.

Best time and temperature for air fryer hot dogs:

Frying frozen hot dogs in an air fryer do not take long. Depending on your air fryer’s brand, model, and size, you can fry frozen hot dogs within a cook time of 4 to 8 minutes only. 

The best temperature for frying frozen hot dogs in an air fryer is 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. No need for cooking oil!

Recipe Instructions

Air fryer hot dogs are a no-breather! You can complete it in a few minutes with these simple steps and utensils:


  • Hotdogs
  • Hotdog buns 
  • Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, relish, cheese, vegetables, etc.)

Here’s a quick list of everything you’ll need for prepping your air fryer hot dogs: 

  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Airfryer
  • Kitchen tongs 

Step 1:

Grab your cutting board and make thin diagonal slices on the hot dogs with your knife. Adding cut slits to the hot dog will let the heat seep faster and cook evenly.

Step 2: 

Pre-heat temp:  400 degrees Fahrenheit

For small air fryers: 2 to 3 minutes

For large air fryers: 5 minutes

Step 3:

Place a single layer of hot dog buns into the air fryer basket or tray for 2 minutes to heat. Observe the bread as it could be heated faster depending on the air fryer’s model and size.

Once it’s heated to a crisp golden brown, remove the toasted buns with tongs and gently place them on a plate.

Step 4:

Place hot dogs in the air fryer basket or tray. Make sure there is enough space between each hot dog for air to circulate better to cook the hotdog evenly. Let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Only cook one layer of hot dogs at a time. Do not stack them on one another.

Use your kitchen tongs to grab and gently rotate the hotdogs in the air fryer basket, letting the heat reach all sides.

Step 5:

Remove the cooked hot dogs from the air fryer and place each into the toasty buns. Add your favorite toppings, and you’re ready to eat! 

Additional Tip:

Remember to thaw (defrost) frozen hot dogs before frying them! Defrosting will allow the bacteria to wash out. Here’s the easiest way: 

  1. Put your frozen hot dogs in a plastic bag and seal it.
  2. Grab a big bowl and fill it with cool water. 
  3. Place the pack of frozen hot dogs into the bowl. Make sure no water can enter the bag or touch the food.
  4. Wait for the ice from the hotdog to melt for up to 30 minutes. The bag should be sunken in the water. If it floats, reopen the plastic bag, let out any air, and lock it again so it can sink.

Do not use warm water in this process. Using warm water can accidentally cook the hotdog while still frozen, spoiling it. Don’t put water in the air fryer. Frozen hot dogs cook longer than popping them into the freezer before being thawed. Thaw your hot dogs until they’re soft and free of ice.

You can also use parchment paper in an air fryer to easily throw food waste away afterward. Make sure the food can weigh down the paper so it won’t fly and damage the air fryer.

Nutrition Information per American servings by All Recipes

Calories: 269

Fat: 16g

Carbohydrates: 23g

Protein: 9g

Saturated fat: 6g

Cholesterol: 24mg 

Dietary fiber: 1g

Total sugar: 4g

Protein: 9g

Calcium: 66mg

Iron: 2mg

Potassium: 111mg

Note that these nutritional facts may also differ as you can now purchase vegetarian and vegan hot dogs in the market. You can also find food with polyunsaturated fat for healthier options to help regulate the cholesterol from hot dogs. 

Storage and freezing

After opening a pack of frozen hot dogs, you can still store them in the refrigerator for a week at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. 

You can store frozen meat like hot dogs in a freezer for up to 1 to 2 months, said the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Alternative customization ideas for air fryer hot dogs

You can experiment with more air fryer recipes with your frozen hot dogs! An air fryer can is a handy kitchen appliance that can cook hard food to healthier crispy perfection. 

Sources like a food blog or youtube channel can give you creative and easy recipe instructions to level up your air fryer recipes! You can choose whichever toppings you like or discover new flavors of frozen hot dogs to try!

There are also healthier options to choose from when you air fryer frozen hot dogs. Applegate natural is a brand that provides healthier meat without GMO ingredients or contains fewer preservatives. You can look for nitrate-free or monounsaturated fat hot dogs to improve your meals by maintaining your health.


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As easy as it is, cooking fresh hot dogs in an air fryer can still leave you with a few thoughts! Here are some related questions for cooking frozen hot dogs in an air fryer!

What kind of bun should I use for air fryer hot dogs?

The most common choice is the split hot dog bun often seen in hot dog sandwiches. According to Air Fryer Eats, you can pick between classic or New England Style. You can also use burger buns rather than hot dog buns!

There’s no rule to choosing what kind of buns or bread to use for air fryer hot dogs. Exploring your recipe with bread combinations is one of the safest ways to be creative and improvise your recipes.

Can I use polish sausages instead of hot dogs?

Of course, you can swap your American hot dogs for polish sausages! But the cooking process will be a bit more complicated than frozen hot dogs. 

Polish sausage, also called Kielbasa, is sweet and savory. It’s longer than plain hot dogs and is often cut into small pieces like 2-inch rounds per slice. It will take a longer cook time of 9 to 10 minutes to air fry Kielbasa, and you will also need a spatula to toss it over kitchen tongs.

Kielbasa will are also more oily and have more drippings that can stain your air fryer. You can use this as a sauce for your sides like vegetables.


Making an air fryer hot dog is an easy dinner or main course idea you can share with yourself and your family. Air frying hot dogs are one of the quickest recipes you can make! It does not require much unless you want to try something new. You can always mix your favorite toppings and find more recipes to play with in improving a simple meal.

If you are concerned with the nutrition calories in your air-fried hot dog, you can use your preferred nutrition calculator when finding healthier meat and bread options for your air fryer recipe.

In a nutshell, Can you cook frozen hot dogs in an air fryer? yes. can you make frozen hot dogs in an air fryer healthier and more delicious? Definitely! Cooking allows you to explore better choices, and an air fryer can help you make those healthier choices.