Best organic mattress toppers

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We all want to protect ourselves from bed bugs at night! A good night’s sleep has many factors, and one is what we sleep on that adds to our sleep hygiene. We all want to get the best night’s rest to work better and live a healthy life. What we lay down on makes an impact on how well we sleep.

One way of fighting bed bugs is by using a mattress topper: a washable foam that can protect you from dead skin cells, sweat, and other bacteria stocked up in your mattress while adding extra softness or firmness to support your back.

Luckily, this article will guide you through the best organic mattress toppers you can find out there and why you need one.

What are the best organic mattress toppers?

  1. PlushBeds Handmade Natural Wool Topper – My overall best organic mattress topper pick.
  2. Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Toppers – My best pick for buyers with a flexible budget looking for highly certified quality vegan options.
  3. Coyuchi Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper – Best pick for buyers looking for quality hypoallergenic mattress toppers.
  4. Green Mattress Organic Latex Topper – Best pick for buyers looking for an affordable quality mattress topper.
  5. Saatva Mattress Toppers – Best pick for buyers looking for a variety of affordable organic mattress toppers that effectively target body pain.
  6. Sleep&Beyond myMerino Topper – Best pick for buyers looking for a soft, hypoallergenic, and budget-friendly mattress
  7. Tuft and Needle Mattress Topper – Best pick for side sleepers who live in colder areas.

PlushBeds Handmade Natural Wool Topper

Best For – Buyers looking for the best sleep experience from allergen prevention and temperature cooling or warming. Great for all types of sleepers.

My Take

My top pick is the Plushbeds Handmade Natural Wool Topper which is made of 100% organic wool. It provides you with all-year-long temperature regulating properties and extra softness!

What I love about this is the Plushbeds Handmade Natural Wool Topper is a 100% GOTS-certified cruelty-free sustainable topper that provides a barrier against dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens that can stick up on your mattress.

Key Features

  • Plush topper
  • Thickness: 3 inches loft, all sizes
  • Certification: GOTS-certified, OEKO-Certified natural, Greenguard Gold
  • Chemical-free 100% Virgin Ecowool wool and cotton filling.
  • Natural blocker against dust mites, mold spores, and allergens
  • Soft and springy texture to relieve pressure for extra cushioning
  • Temperature regulator (cool in summer, warm in winter)
  • Non-toxic, chemically free
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable fiber fabric, so it does not overheat.
  • 400-thread count 100% GOTS-certified organic sateen cotton cover.
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for chemically-sensitive individuals
  • Free Shipping
  • 1-year warranty

Size and pricing

Here’s a guide to the exact measurements of Plushbed’s toppers and how much each size costs! Their price ranges from Twin size $537 to California King $999 on sale. 

You can also pay through other methods: 

  • Affirm – Pay as low as $43 a month, depending on size!

Likes/Dislikes about Plushbeds Handmade Natural Wool Topper


  • Certification – Certified by GOTS, Greenguard Gold, and OEKO-TEX certified natural
  • Odorless – Has a pleasant smell or no wool odor
  • Customized handmade orders in California
  • All natural – No toxic chemicals
  • Natural Remedy – Great for people with back pains and conditions
  • Effective for better sleep-Good for side and warm sleepers, it helps regulate temperature.  
  • Non-exploiting – Ethically farmed and untreated Eco-Wool. 


  • Expensive – Plushbeds products come with a price but offer your money’s worth with quality handmade orders with natural materials. 
  • Not Vegan – Wool is not a vegan option, but still sustainable and ethically farmed. 
  • Needs extra steps for other orders – You’ll need to directly reach out to the company for vegan options like a Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper.

Overall Experience

Plushbeds’ Handmade Natural Wool Topper is one of the healthiest offers to achieve the peaceful sleep we all deserve. They’re made from organic materials that are chemically untreated and moisture-wicking fiber to ease bed heat and back problems.

A $537 topper may seem costly, but as a luxurious topper, it provides the best sleeping experience you can get with an organic wool mattress topper.

Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Best For – Buyers with a flexible budget looking for highly certified quality vegan options.

My Take

Avocado is known as a global organic latex standard mattress company by multiple environmental institutions that ensure all-natural materials offer quality natural latex mattress toppers.

Their toppers are from Dunlop Latex which is cooler than memory foam, more durable than Talalay latex, and work as a natural anti-microbial. The materials are certified GOLS organic latex cotton and GOTS organic certified cotton to help add comfort to your mattress and protect your body from dust mites and allergens.

It’s the thicker topper in the list compared to its competitors which shows how much of a soft/firmness change it would make to your mattress!

Key Features

  • Natural latex topper
  • Thickness – 2 inches loft for all sizes
  • Softness options: Firm or Plush
  • Certification – OEKO-TEX standard 100% certified environmental compliance, PETA certified, Vegan Action, GOLS organic certified latex and GOTS Organic certified cotton, Eco-Institute certified, Made-Safe certified.
  • Materials: Organic Latex Rubber, Organic Certified Wool, Organic Certified Cotton.
  • Reinforced seams are made with GOTS-certified organic wool.
  • Vegan option and cruelty-free.
  • Free Shipping
  • 1-year trial with a 30-day minimum
  • 10-year warranty

Sizes and Pricing

Here’s a quick guide for Avocado toppers’ exact measurements and costs! Prices range from $549 for Twin size to $909 for California King size.

 You can also pay through other methods: 

  • Affirm – Pay as low as $76 a month, depending on size!

Likes/Dislikes about Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper


  • Choices – Provides vegan toppers options (Vegan Mattress Topper).
  • Softness options – Has Plush and Firm options to choose from. 
  • Sturdy – Seams do not break down in the long term.
  • All Natural – Serves as a natural anti-microbial from organic certified wool. It does not use chemical materials like petroleum-based memory or polyurethane foam. 
  • Ethical – Cruelty-free and exploitation free.
  • Support – Eases back pain.


  • Expensive – Prices may be costly while competitors sell quality toppers at lower prices.
  • Poor customer service – It’s sometimes hard to get a response from Avocado, especially when you need to follow up on your order.
  • Delayed shipping – Shipping takes longer than expected, depending on location. 
  • Indefinite softness – The toppers seem too firm or not as “plush” as said in the descriptions. It can be too firm for light or side-sleeper

Overall Experience

Avocado mattress toppers are certified vegan and ethical picks for those looking for more soft choices for your needs. It also offers a 1-year trial to see what works best for you at your money’s worth. It’s a natural barrier from allergens while preventing any more toxic chemicals from harming your well-being.

Coyuchi Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper

Best For – Buyers looking for a topper that prevents allergic reactions and pains and controls temperature for a comfortable sleep!

The Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper is an allergenic and temperature-specialized topper that adds extra softness to your mattress while reducing hip and back pain.

Coyuchi is also a member of the 1% For the Planet that advocates for sustainable production.

Key Features

  • Sustainably made from 100% Climate Beneficial Wool sourced from their ranches in Northern California
  • Certifications: GOTS-certified organic cotton, GOLS, Made-Safe, FairTrade
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Cased in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant 
  • Temperature Regulating 
  • To be machine-washed on the wool cycle, but shouldn’t be bleached.
  • Free shipping for items over $300.00
  • 30-day warranty for a full refund 
  • 365 days for exchange or store credit

Sizes and Pricing

Here’s a quick guide for Coyuchi toppers’ measurements and costs! You can buy a Twin size for $448 to $589 for a King size.

Likes/Dislikes about the Coyuchi Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper


  • With Straps – The topper has straps on each corner to secure on mattress.
  • Sustainable – Comes with organic material packaging; uses a reusable organic cloth bag.
  • Affordable – Prices are lower compared to other competitors but still ensure quality toppers. 
  • Effective – Eases hip and back pain while regulating temperature for a cozier sleep. 
  • Machine Washed – You can machine wash this topper on a wool cycle option. 
  • Extremely comfortable – Has the right amount of softness to add on mattresses.
  • Advocate – Member of 1% for the Planet, Climate Beneficial Wool comes from ranches that help combat climate change.
  • Odorless – Has no “smell”.


  • Fewer Size Options – The toppers do not have sizes for Twin XL, Full, and California King.
  • Needs additional purchase – Not meant to be used right under a sheet. You’ll need to buy a separate mattress cover and pad to add on top of it.

Overall Experience

The name speaks for itself! Coyuchi’s Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper is an extra comfortable topper to protect sensitive skin from allergens and dust mites while keeping your bed not too warm or cold.

Despite the additional purchase, the experience overall is worth it to ease any body pain and give you a good night’s rest.

Green Mattress Organic Latex Topper

Best For – Buyers looking for an affordable 2-inch Dunlop latex topper that can give extra softness to your mattress.  

The Green Mattress Organic Latex Topper is an affordable option for buyers looking for a soft and certified organic 2-inch Dunlop latex mattress topper that can relieve body pain and give you comfort.

Key Features

  • Certifications: 100% GOLS certified organic, GOTS certified organic zippered cotton cover, OEKO-TEX certified
  • Only the cover can be hand-washed
  • Thickness: 2 inches in all sizes 
  • Created to ease pressure points in the body
  • 120-day night trial 
  • Free standard shipping via FedEx
  • 5-year warranty

Sizes and Pricing

Here’s a summary of Green Mattress’ topper measurements and costs! You can buy their toppers at $185 for Twin size to $349 for California King size.

Check here for latest pricing

Likes/Dislikes about Green Mattress Organic Latex Topper


  • Variety – Has more size options (Full X Long). 
  • Affordable – Green Mattress toppers have lower costs than other brands but have the same measurements.
  • Natural – Toppers are from 100% natural GOLS organic certified latex and GOTS organic certified cotton.
  • Eases pressure points – Helps relieve hip and back pain.
  • Customer Service – The staff is highly responsive and does their best to assist you. 
  • Great for side sleepers – Great for people who sleep on their side. 
  • Odorless – Has little to no smell when you get it. 


  • Lacks temperate regulating – The bed ends up too warm at times. 
  • Sheer fabric cover – Topper sheet is too thin to the point you can see the topper’s lining.
  • Advocacy – It would be great to see any initiatives or movements brought by Green Mattress for sustainability aside from using organic material.

Overall Experience

It’s good to see an affordable natural latex mattress topper that provides softness to ease body pain. On top of that, it has more size options to ensure you get the closest to the exact size for your mattress at home!

Saatva Mattress Toppers

Best For – Buyers looking for organic toppers with similar characteristics to luxurious toppers. 

Saatva Mattress offers 3 types of organic toppers: Graphite, Latex, and High-Density foam. Each topper caters to every sleeper’s specific needs for a good night’s rest. They also provide an additional Split King size that sets them aside from their competitors!

Key Features

  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US and Better Business Bureau
  • Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking breathable organic cotton cover.
  • Available in three types:
    • Graphite – 3 inches
    • Latex – 1.5
    • High-Density Foam – 1.5
  • Made to fit Saatva and other existing mattresses from brands. 
  • The elastic band is a strap to secure the topper on the mattress. 
  • 180-night home trial
  • Free shipping
  • 1-year warranty, you’ll only pay a $99 return shipping fee. 
  • Free in-room delivery and set-up by Saatva’s White Glove Delivery Service.

Sizes and pricing

Here are Saatva’s topper measurements and costs! Prices range from $245 for Twin size to $510 for Split King size.

Other payment methods:

  • Affirm – Pay as low as $29.00 a month, depending on size! 

Likes/Dislikes about Saatva Mattress Topper


  • Straps – Toppers use straps on each corner to secure them on your mattress. 
  • Variety – Saatva has an additional “Split King Size”, that sets it apart from its competitors.
  • CertiPUR-US – Proven to be low in Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that produce off-gassing odors. 
  • GrExcellentustomer service – The staff is highly responsive in answering your concerns and needs. 
  • Graphite Mattress Topper – Effective against body aches, plush, and temperature-regulating. Steers away from synthetic memory foam.
  • High-Density Foam Topper– A firm mattress topper option that’s comfortable. 


  • Split King measurement – Lacks measurement for the “Split King” size.
  • Thickness – Each topper has a specific thickness only.

Overall Experience

What I love about Saatva’s organic mattress toppers is that each one caters to a sleeper’s specific needs. It also naturally reduces body pain while being low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), freeing you from dangerous chemicals like PBDE, TDCPP, mercury, lead, and TCEP flame retardants.

Overall, Saatva is an affordable quality organic topper that can effectively control temperature and protect you from deadly allergens and chemicals.

Sleep & Beyond myMerino Topper

Best For – Buyers looking for an affordable temperature-regulating and soft organic mattress topper.

The myMerino Topper is a more affordable option for temperature-regulating and pain-relieving because of its softness. This topper provides extra comfort and natural protection from its certified organic superfine merino wool encased in organic cotton percale, 270TC.

Key Features

  • Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ISO, and Fair Trade Certified facilities
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Filled with certified organic superfine merino wool
  • 5-year warranty

Size and Pricing

You can buy a myMerino Topper at $299 for Twin Size to $369 for Cal King. Here’s a quick guide on its measurements and prices!

Likes/Dislikes about Sleep&Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper


  • Sustainable – Uses reusable cotton packaging for delivery.
  • Temperature-regulating – All-year-round comfort, does not overly warm or cool.
  • Soft and comfy– Has the right balance of softness and firmness to relieve pressure points and not sink your body.
  • Affordable -Maintains good quality while being cheaper than its competitors
  • Odorless – Has no toxic chemical or barn odor.


  • Spot Clean only – Hard to clean stains.
  • Other products are unsustainable – Other products are not made from organic materials. This is not described enough by the company.
  • No Shipping details – There are no shipping instructions on the order page besides using Paypal and Norton. 

Overall Experience

It’s great to see a more affordable topper that offers similar quality and characteristics as its upper-end competitors. Sleep&Beyond Mattress toppers focus on providing the right amount of softness for comfort while keeping you from awkwardly sinking into your mattress.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Topper

Best For – Buyers looking for a plush topper that is side-sleeper-friendly and works best in cold areas.

My Take

The Tuft and Needle organic toppers are CertiPUR-US certified that offer chemical-free plush comfort for your mattress. It specializes in softening your bed while serving as a low VOC-free barrier.

As a Greenguard Gold certified brand, Tuft and Needle toppers are environmentally friendly to reduce the chemicals inhaled while sleeping.

Key Features

  • Certifications: UL Greenguard gold, CertiPUR-US certified
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Non-skid bottom to secure on your mattress.
  • Plush effect
  • Spot cleaned only
  • 100-night home trial
  • Free shipping
  • 3-year warranty, free returns. 

Sizes and Pricing

Here’s a guide to Tuft and Needle’s topper measurements and costs! Prices range from $200 for Twin size to $300 for Cal King size.

Other payment methods: 

  • Affirm – Pay as low as $28.00 a month, depending on size! 
  • Afterpay – 4 interest-free payments of $75.00

Likes/Dislikes about Tuft and Needle Mattress Topper


  • Effective – Helps relieve body aches.
  • Soft – True to the description that it adds plushness.
  • Customer Service – Approachable and responsive staff. 
  • CertiPUR-US – Certified low Volatile Organic Compounds that harm your well-being with off-gas odors. 


  • Slips down – The topper still slips out of place despite having a skid-bottom to secure it. 
  • Can be too soft – Softness can be a case-to-case thing. Some people with back problems can find this too plushy for support.
  • Sustainability – It would be great to know what sustainable actions Tuft and Needle are up to when producing their toppers and other products!  
  • Warms up – Lacks temperature-regulating properties to prevent your bed from warming up too much. 

Overall Experience

The Tuft and Needle mattress topper is a quality organic plush addition to your bed that focuses on comfort and relief. Softness preferences may depend on buyers, but this topper is a preferable option if you’re looking for a more affordable quality organic mattress topper that aims to add plushness and comfort to your bed if you live in cold areas.

What is the point of an organic mattress topper?

Image from Unsplash

Mattresses can affect our backs and attract allergens, which can cause us to toss and turn at night. It’s best to make sure we feel comfortable to soothe our bodies. Organic Mattress toppers do not just change the firmness or softness of a mattress; it also serves as a natural barrier against harmful chemicals you’d unknowingly inhale when lying down. 

If your current mattress feels uncomfortable, like having a tendency to warm up under you or be too soft or hard for you, it can cause health issues in the long run. A good mattress topper relieves pain and irritants. On the other hand, using latex toppers with synthetic materials tends to carry toxic chemicals that can trigger allergies and pain at night.

This is to show that using organic mattresses and toppers can cancel out harmful particles that prevent us from having a peaceful sleep.

Bottomline to finding the best organic mattress toppers

The bottom line is that an organic mattress topper can generally help our sleep, leading to our overall well-being.

When it comes to finding the best organic mattress topper for you, it’s important to understand our body’s needs and know that eco-friendly mattress toppers naturally protect us from bacteria on our very beds.

There are different types of sleepers out there who have their preferences and condition which also affects what type of mattress topper you should use. It’s also best to consult your doctor for tips on what toppers you should use best if you have pre-diagnosed conditions.

Basically, a natural mattress topper works as a purifier for your existing mattress so you can sleep soundly with a better temperature and less pain to function better throughout the day.


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