Best direction to sleep

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Are you plagued by insomnia and restless nights? You’re not alone! Millions of people across the globe suffer from sleep problems. Tossing and turning all night long trying to find the perfect sleeping position can lead to sleep disorders in the long run.

Everyone knows the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. We often think of our comfort, our mattresses, sheets, pillows, the light in the room, and the temperature in the room as the most crucial factors for getting a good night’s rest. But have you ever thought that you’re facing the wrong direction when you’re asleep? Have you ever thought about the best direction to sleep? Which direction should your bed face? Where to sleep north or south?

Besides healthy practices such as exercising and sustainable home furniture that improves sleep hygiene, finding the best sleep direction can also be the key to achieving uninterrupted sleep. 

Based on research and Hindi culture, The belief of the best sleeping direction consists of a relationship between geography, gravity forces, and the body.

Getting a rejuvenating sleep can be hard to achieve. Luckily, we are here to tackle the ideal sleeping direction in hopes of achieving a good night’s rest!

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Sleeping

The Earth and our body are surrounded by magnetic energy that consists of electric currents. Studies find these currents to be around for approximately 4.2 billion years from now, hinting that the magnetic field was present during the creation of Earth itself.

Relating this to sleeping, ancient practices such as Vastu Shastra, which translates as an Indian architecture tradition, and Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that emphasizes our daily energy placement examine the relationship of these magnetic fields with our sleeping arrangements.

Does sleeping direction matter?

Ensuring a proper position to rest increases physical and spiritual health and is a necessity for better sleep.

It could look like a small thing, but reflecting on your sleeping position can make a big difference. Sleep is the top key to re-energizing. When you are tired, you’re preparing your mind to take on a task again.

According to Hindu tradition, the soul leaves the body through a path towards the north Vastu Shastra conveys that sleeping should correlate to gravity forces. Your body is full of energy. Achieving balance through a conscious sleep position can provide surprising benefits for your sleep quality.

What is the best direction to sleep?

There is an ancient Indian architectural tradition called Vastu Shastra, which says that the best direction for sleep is south. What that means is sleeping with your head in the south direction and your feet pointed in the northern direction. But that would also depend on whether you live in the Nothern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, and that is because of the effect of the earth’s magnetic pull.

It is thought that human beings may have sensitivity to Earth’s electromagnetic forces. When sleeping with the head in the south direction, it was found to lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

Best Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu

The best sleeping location for being healthy is the south. If a woman lays down her head, she should point south and her feet towards the north. When lying south, the body aligns the magnetic field with the Earth. The Nort pole faces south. Consequently, the opposite pole attracts. 

Laying when facing the northern direction is not the recommended sleeping direction because we might see two similar poles facing the opposite. Many Vastu doctors say sleeping toward the north can cause high levels of tension headaches.

Sleeping direction and placement of the bed

In Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the bed cannot contain overhead beams or other objects which may block the flow. The bed should be placed in direct proximity to walls and the doors should remain visible but not in direct contact with each other. Keeping you in control is a guiding principle for your feng shui practice. Feet should never be pointed toward doors.

The best sleeping direction in the northern hemisphere

The impacts of electromagnetic fields are seen in the health of human populations. Both Earth and human bodies are magnetized. We have magnetic poles from north to south, the positive pole is in the north and the negative pole is in the south.

Due to Earth’s magnetic force, sleep in the north direction can result in two positive poles repelling one another. The most comfortable place for sleeping consists of east and south directions according to Vastu’s principle; consider it sleeping scientifically.

sleeping in the north could impact your health and create stress in the brain as a consequence of the magnetic force. The head serves as the north pole, and therefore facing north is not recommended during sleep. So, the south will be the most suitable location for rest when examining the effects on the human body of magnetic energy.

Effects of sleeping facing north

Vastu also states that sleeping with the head pointing north isn’t an ideal position to sleep. This angle can increase the pressure of the bloodstream and reduce blood circulation through the heart because of the body’s magnetic energy facing the poles.

In contrast, the blood vessels reaching into the brain have a fine hairlike structure. Several people believe there’s a possibility of hemorrhages. Blood also contains iron which attracts iron, and if slept north, it can damage brain function from high blood pressure.

As a magnet, sleeping with the head facing north has the effect of having two magnets repel one another as you point the head toward the negative North pole. This can result in health problems as well as a stress reaction. Tradition notes that the human mind exits from the limbs in the north direction. When a person dies, their feet are always pointed North until cremation.

Effects of sleeping facing west

The west is not a suggested route for sleeping, according to Vastu. However, sleeping in a west-facing position is still believed to increase sleeplessness. Some rooms have a view toward the west. What about westward orientation? Sleeping on the opposite side can be detrimental. 

Nonetheless, it can help you become an accomplished individual. According to Vastu, sleeping in the same location won’t have any negative impact on your success. This will free you from any negative emotions.

Effects of sleeping facing east

The east is the direction of the rising sun, which is regarded by many people as beneficial for meditation as well. Sleeping with your head pointing east and your foot pointing west guarantees good rest. 

A positive sleep pattern promotes concentration, memory, and good health. When you sleep east, your direction will be an important source in Vastu. This sleep orientation provides a recharge and can help resolve internal issues, and provides full relaxation and recovery. It also increases mental focus, which is especially recommended for students. 

The beds should also be positioned towards the east of the child’s room to stimulate healthy growth. Planets rotate east-west, making the wave flow in this direction which provides positive forces in our system.

The best direction to sleep in the master bedroom

As suggested by the Vastu Shastra the optimal direction of sleeping should be the east-south route as it promotes good sleeping. Vastu Shastra rules that if the bedrooms are built in the southwest area, there is a master bedroom.

One way of optimizing your bedroom for positive energy is knowing the correct way to sleep before designing your master suite. Make sure your headboard is facing north or west so the legs are facing north or east during your sleep. There shouldn’t be any overhead beams or windows under the headboard because this may negatively influence sleeping quality. See also: Know all about staircases and staircases.

The best direction for sleeping for couples

The design of the bedroom for couples should follow Vastu rules. Magicbricks notes that placement in south or southeast areas is advisable while sleeping on the left side of the room is encouraged. Most importantly, a positive atmosphere for both to bloom in a healthy marriage.

For them, the best place to sleep should in the southeast or the southwest. One can’t go inside when sleeping or sleep in a beam. Remove anything that blocks energy flow, such as electronic devices, which are not recommended in bedrooms.

The worst sleeping position is facing north, as it can lead to stress and exhaustion according to Vastu principles.

Why is south the best place to sleep?

A head pointed towards the south and feet pointed toward the northwest are advisable in Vasta. It encourages restful sleep, providing enormous health benefits. Depending on the theory of magneto-electric fields, sleep can encourage balance at bedtime. The southern direction goes to Yama’s death, the god of death themself. Vastu says deep sleep promotes deep relaxation, which is beneficial in many ways. 

Final Thoughts

Based on both traditions and studies, the best direction to sleep in is the south direction. Facing southward allows your body to relax by lowering your blood pressure, and calming the body to promote sleep.

Nevertheless, there are varying laws about people living in different countries. The ideal Vastu sleep position discusses its connection to the earth’s magnetic forces and the body. The main priority is to practice a healthy lifestyle that would encourage quality sleep for a more proactive day ahead!