I am a physician who blogs about healthy living.

Hi, I’m Dr Alice

I share my thoughts, personal tips, experiences, and recommendations regarding healthy living and thriving in our bodies.

Foundational pillars of healthy living…

Healthy living requires a stable foundation below are three that I find that give us a good basis to build on.

Healthy Body

There is an old saying that says you are what you eat.

What we put in our body matters. We can’t expect to thrive and do well if we don’t give our bodies what they need. Eating the highest quality food that we can goes a long way to keeping our bodies healthy.

Healthy Mind

Connecting with nature has so many benefits.

Being in nature is food for our souls. The life-giving vibrant energy of plants and trees is so uplifting and such a wonderful feeling. Nature does wonders to help us clear our minds and be at peace.

Healthy Environment

Clean up our environment as much as possible.

Our day-to-day environment has such a big impact on our health. The more that we can keep our environment clean and free of harmful chemicals the healthier we will be and the more we will thrive.

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